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Selected articles

The (Ir)relevance of Art
the muse apprentice guild, March 17, 2003

"... if you decide to spend hours chasing your own little obsession -- whether that's folds of cloth or the flight of bumblebees or the sound of a 56k modem -- the odds are quite slim that somebody else will see it and be deeply touched by it. But what other choice do you have?"

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Game Show at MASS MoCA
ArtByte, September 2001

Why game-inspired art still isn't any fun, and why fun matters.

Orient Express
on the vastness of history and the limits of memory
A&E, May 20, 1998

"Won't museumgoers be unprepared, their historical imaginations too atrophied, to place themselves, even remotely, in the life of an 18th-century Chinese literati?"

Gallery Roundup
City Pages, May 20, 1998

"But Hronkin is another art student edging away from the safe embrace of an institution that's paid to give a shit, and her work also speaks to an acceptance of the artist's marginal place in an indifferent culture."

Flesh and Bone
City Pages, February 4, 1998

"Bernice Ficek-Swenson creates rituals and then worships their details."

Other articles

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