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Selected articles

My So-Called Show
With its sexual frankness and genetically engineered teen stars, Dawson's Creek promises to bring a new maturity to the televised teen drama. Luckily, superficiality never goes out of style.
City Pages, February 18, 1998

"... Joey tells her lifelong friend Dawson that they should stop sleeping in the same bed. 'I just think our emerging hormones are destined to alter our relationship,' she says. She's probably right, but then when did she learn to talk like a veteran from years of therapy? How did she learn to confront conflicts, instead of shunting them off into free-floating frustration like her peers do?"

Deaths in the Family
A&E, July 2, 1997

The only chance I ever had to defend my mostest bestest TV show, the ever-beleaguered Homicide, in print.

Killing the Video Star
A&E, June 18, 1997

I generally consider awards shows to be televised novocaine, but I always find the MTV awards fiascos worth taping, if not for their stupid sordidness. Or sordid stupidness, depending.

You So, Um, Crazy
A&E, May 8, 1997

Complete with a super-unflattering picture of Martin Lawrence, for your viewing pleasure.

Make It So
Despite Star Trek's promise, the world's problems won't just go away
A&E, May 30, 1996

It took me a while to figure out why Star Trek bugs me so much, but then I realized that the show represents the Hollywood liberal faction of sci-fi: Smug, feel-good multiculti homilies from one culture to the rest, with no shortage of alien beauties for Riker to colonize, er, enlighten.

Other articles

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A&E, July 9, 1997

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A&E, October 3, 1996

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A&E, February 28, 1996