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Selected articles

Justifying Dauxite
May 6, 2004

In which our author attempts to expiate an egregious act of software rewriting, and discovers a few things about design patterns for HTML generation, standards committees, and a language that needs to learn its place.

Do Domain Names Matter?
July 2, 2003

As navigational features improve at the edge of the decentralizing internet, the domain name system is returning to its old, uncontroversial role.

Forbidden Fruit
ArtByte, November 2001

The modern creative uses Apple products, but defaces the logo. Is this individualistic meme warfare, or just an odd sort of adolescent ingratitude?

Game On
ArtByte, November 2001

Van Burnham's Supercade, Jaro Gielens' Electronic Plastic, and the rhythms of technological history.

Eminent Domain
Francis Hwang on how domain name dissenters might destroy the namespace in order to save it
Feed, January 17, 2001

On the political failures of ICANN, and the remote but fascinating possibility of domain name balkanization.

Other articles

Cheatin' Art
Francis Hwang on the everlasting race between hackers and developers
Feed, February 13, 2001

Moving Pictures - The DeCSS case
Feed, September 29, 2000

Invisible Industry
ArtByte, March 2000

Commando Line Interface
Wired, February 2000

Virtual Pet Cemetery
City Pages, August 13, 1997