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Selected articles

A Considerable Town
A Day for Peace
LA Weekly, February 21, 2003

So the cops are brutal and the television's dismissive -- that's not even news. But a quarter-million people marched down the streets of New York, and that just might be the start of something ...

Bitter News Network
Our Precious Essence, November 2001

"White House approves research into missile defense, high castle walls", and more.

Bitter News Network
Our Precious Essence, October 2001

"White House to sell 'Uncle Powell's Down-Home Flapjacks'", and more.

Bitter News Network
Our Precious Essence, December 2000

"Israeli Skin Cells Massacred by Palestinian Dermaterrorist", and other irresponsible nuggets of political satire.

The Modern Journalist: A Hacker's Field Guide
June 15, 2000

Public Relations 101 for hacker's and other tech-fringe subculturists. Adapted from a talk I gave at Rootfest, a "computer security conference" in Minneapolis.

Other articles

User Unknown
At the Minneapolis Convention Center, hackers fight bad press, federal agents, and ... network problems
City Pages, June 2, 1999

Deliver Us From Evil
Stupor Bowl Saturday, and the bike messenger's perilous ride on the mean streets
City Pages, February 10, 1999