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Selected articles

Better Off Dead
A&E, December 4, 1997

"Spouting glib one-liners more suitable matched to Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis, Ripley acts as if the coming disaster is no tragedy at all."

Losing Face
A&E, July 2, 1997

I don't care if every other John Woo fan liked Face/Off, I thought it was shit. Shit, I tell you! Oh, the lonely life of a critic.

Hasta La Vista, Hitler
A&E, February 13, 1997

Short, snippy little piece about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the man once described as "a condom stuffed with walnuts."

An Old Hope
Hollywood raids its most innocent blockbuster in search of profit
A&E, January 30, 1997

More of a review of the Star Wars Special Edition hype than of the film itself. I expected to get lots of angry responses, but I got nothing. Pout.

Emission: Impossible
A&E, August 9, 1996

I am not actually responsible for the really great headline -- I think that was from my friend Liz. Some of the funny jokes in this piece, however, are mine. I think.

Other articles

Temptress Moon
A&E, June 18, 1997

The Indistinguished Gentleman
A&E, May 29, 1997

Mad Mel: Beyond ... Sportsmen's Lodge?
A&E, April 10, 1997

Broken Arrow
A&E, February 15, 1996