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Selected articles

Graven Images
City Pages, December 23, 1998

Chester Brown's Jesus, and the frailties of human faith.

California Dreaming
City Pages, December 23, 1998

In 1931, a Japanese immigrant published a book's worth of weekly gag strips. They were bilingual, historically specific, and poignantly autobiographical -- and, obviously, they were also mostly ignored.

Teen Spirit
City Pages, Winter 1998

Dan Clowes' Ghost World, and the quiet anxiety of adolescence.

The Sands by Tom Hart
City Pages, March 26, 1997

Modern Whitmanisms, coaxed out of crude, child-like drawings.

Caped Fear
media press scared to cover non-superhero comics
A&E, January 9, 1997

This piece was written in retaliation for seeing the Minnesota Daily's news department run one of those irritating "comics ain't just for kids anymore" stories. My prediction about Joe Kubert's Fax From Sarajevo turned out to be mostly wrong, but the story still stands up pretty well after a few years. Now if I could only do something about that damned subhead.

Other articles

Crime and Punishment
Clinton and Lewinsky discover a comic love in Monica's Story; a man faces the consequences of his waking acts in the surreal fantasy The Extended Dream of Mr. D.
City Pages, June 2, 1999

Elf and Cat are Friends
City Pages, February 10, 1999

Lonely Planet
City Pages, Spring 1998

The Other White Meat
City Pages, January 21, 1998

Longshot Comics by Shane Simmons
City Pages, August 6, 1997

City Pages, Summer 1997

The year of reading dangerously
comics in '96-'97
A&E, June 5, 1997

Dark Comedy
Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny offers a lethal dose of gore, psychosis and laughs
A&E, May 22, 1997

Womb with a View
City Pages, Spring 1997

Freedom of Press
By the people and for the people, zines bring unique voices to the world of print
A&E, August 2, 1996

All Good Things ...
The end of the hit comic book Sandman, both epic fantasy and a story about stories
A&E, May 2, 1996

Comic book illuminates the pain of AIDS
A&E, April 4, 1996

Comic Madness
Three contemporary artists bring surrealism to comics
A&E, October 19, 1995