I've been writing non-fiction for publication since 1995, on whatever topic my editors will let me near. Some of my newest work is listed below; click on a category name to see all articles in the category.

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Justifying Dauxite
May 6, 2004

In which our author attempts to expiate an egregious act of software rewriting, and discovers a few things about design patterns for HTML generation, standards committees, and a language that needs to learn its place.

Do Domain Names Matter?
July 2, 2003

As navigational features improve at the edge of the decentralizing internet, the domain name system is returning to its old, uncontroversial role.

The (Ir)relevance of Art
the muse apprentice guild, March 17, 2003

"... if you decide to spend hours chasing your own little obsession -- whether that's folds of cloth or the flight of bumblebees or the sound of a 56k modem -- the odds are quite slim that somebody else will see it and be deeply touched by it. But what other choice do you have?"

A Considerable Town
A Day for Peace
LA Weekly, February 21, 2003

So the cops are brutal and the television's dismissive -- that's not even news. But a quarter-million people marched down the streets of New York, and that just might be the start of something ...

Forbidden Fruit
ArtByte, November 2001

The modern creative uses Apple products, but defaces the logo. Is this individualistic meme warfare, or just an odd sort of adolescent ingratitude?