I now have a new entry on my list of crazy-billionaire things to do: “Giant wall of oddly hypnotic, irregularly shaped gears”. Which is probably right above “Sea lion orchestra” and below “Ping-pong ball fountain”. I will update this space as that list changes.

They're just game controllers. They're just game controllers.

Who in their right mind spends money on branded game controllers? I mean, just use the ones you’ve already got. Seriously. So what if they’re pegged to the upcoming Tron sequel. Or that the design is actually pretty nice. And who cares that they actually light up like you were sitting in the Tron universe piloting a solar sailer or something. I just don’t see the point of having them sitting around, looking cool, and glowing all the time. Um.

[Via Kotaku and Gizmodo]

Arch that back

I don’t know what you’d do with business cards carved from meat, but I can’t stop giggling at these Frank Frazetta recreation photos:

(h/t JWZ)