So, just so I've got this straight, you're saying you're NOT dumb.

As seen on the General Assembly chalkboard.

And as far as that education goes, it really looks like you got your money’s worth, kid.

So you want to tell your Korean mom you got a job in Silicon Valley

My Mom is actually cooler than this, but I can still relate:

In which your author manages to make others who are probably about as old as him totally freaked about being old

Also, who’s this Tupac guy you keep talking about? Is he, like, Lil Jon’s cousin or something?

The most painful line of the day: “To most everyone, AOL was the company that mailed you all those CDs so you could get on a 56K modem when you were in grade school.” Most everyone! Grade school! OMG I’m going back to bed!

Millenials Rule The Land, at The Awl

Abed's background delivery

I’m seriously starting to think “Community” is the best sitcom since “Arrested Development”. It’s kind of mind-blowing to see a sitcom do something this subtle:

The whole episode is here.

Hipster fail whale

Maybe I’m a cliche, but Hype Machine’s “server overloaded” page made me LOL:

I have to return some friendship bracelets.

And yeah, it really bums me out to watch Claudia just snort up half those Pixie Stixs when she is so blatantly trying to get attention to her sugar problem, but every time we try to talk to her about it she says she needs it to focus on her art and that her super-strict Asian parents are coming down on her ass again so what’s the point, really? This whole club is really getting to be a drag but whatever, I started the project and I just know that bitch Marci is waiting for me to like, drop the ball on this whole thing so she can pick up all the money and maybe Mary-Anne’s boyfriend Logan as a nice “fuck you too” perk.

‘Baby-Sitters’ Club’ By Bret Easton Ellis: Chapter 1

You Can Get With This, Or You Can Can Get With That

Pretty well done. If I were an old school hamster looking to buy a car this would totally work on me.

Apps in hell

Or maybe in Guantanamo:

There's a team deathmatch in my mouth, and everybody's invited

Next-generation video game cereals:

Kotaku ‘Shop Contest: Next-Gen Cereal System Edition Winners

Chatroulette: Occasionally funnier than some naked dude alone in his room

God bless the intrepid souls who go on to Chatroulette! to do video chat with totally random strangers. Without their brave explorations, we’d never get screenshots like these:

The 24 Best Chat Roulette Screenshots