Annals of law, ursine marijuana dept.

A Montana court has ruled that if you smoke marijuana at your job at a private park, and then you get attacked by a bear, the marijuana use in of itself does not disqualify you to receive worker’s comp:

Judge Shea concluded that “[w]hen it comes to attacking humans, grizzlies are equal opportunity maulers; attacking without regard to race, creed, ethnicity, or marijuana usage.” The judge characterized Hopkins use of marijuana to “kick off” a day of working with grizzly bears as “ill-advised” and “mind-bogglingly stupid.” There was no evidence, however, that the pot smoking contributed significantly to Hopkins’ injuries.

This is great news for my friends at 420bears.com.

"The crabs were mine. I had gotten used to them."

Jean-Paul Sartre, interviewed by John Gerassi in the spring of 1971:

Yeah, after I took mescaline, I started seeing crabs around me all the time. They followed me in the streets, into class. I got used to them. I would wake up in the morning and say, “Good morning, my little ones, how did you sleep?” I would talk to them all the time. I would say, “Okay, guys, we’re going into class now, so we have to be still and quiet,” and they would be there, around my desk, absolutely still, until the bell rang.