From 1996 to 1999 I produced three issues of a mini-comic called analog. It's introspective, real-life stuff; the kind of thing that makes a lot of people assume it's autobiographical even though it's not.

analog issues

"Again, Friday night"

Night on the ...
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Issue 3
June 1999
Sometimes your nights reach a hypnotic rhythm: There's plenty to do—parties, drinks, shows—and yet nothing ever changes. And then sometimes chance reaches out and jars that rhythm with a flirtatious smile and a promise to deftly, quietly, change your life.

"Out of it"

Dinkytown by night
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Issue 2
October 1998
He had decided his friends were too much trouble. He had not decided what that meant about him.

"Vanishing Point"

I dreamt of ...
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Issue 1
December 1996
"I dreamt of following the rails forever, undoing their twists as I traced them over the horizon—but inside I was beginning to recede, to contract like a dying thing."

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