Speaking at Goruco

So, I'm speaking at Goruco this year. On The Front-End Future:

With the rise of Javascript MVC frameworks like Ember and Backbone, web programmers find themselves at a fork in the road. If they keep doing server-side web programming, they'll benefit from tried-and-true tools and techniques. If they jump into Javascript MVC, they may be able to offer a more responsive web experience, but at significant added development cost. Which should they choose?

This talk will address the strategic costs and benefits of using Javascript MVC today. I will touch on subjects such as development speed, usability, conceptual similarities with desktop and mobile applications, the decoupling of rendering and routing from server logic, and the state of the emerging Javascript MVC community. I will also discuss the impact of this seismic change on Ruby, Rails, and your career as a software engineer.

Nobody should confuse me with a Javascript expert, and that's not why I'm giving this talk. There are many talks you can see that focus on the specifics of implementation that are being hashed out today. With my talk, I will be drawing out the macro trends in our field that affect the products we build, and the careers we craft.

In particular, I feel like the move to thick-client web apps is giving the Ruby and Rails community a bit of existential paralysis--we should be talking about this far more, and meeting this change head-on. The future is uncertain, but it is also bright.

Goruco is on Saturday, June 23. This is our sixth year, and without giving away the rest of the speakers, I think this might quite possibly be our best program yet. If you want to join us, tickets are still available.

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