That's what she or he or Michael Scott said


Last Friday, the bot went a bit crazy and started throwing ["That what she said"] into the conversation with no apparent rhyme or reason. Finally, I had had enough. And then it came to me: I would write my OWN bot, that responded to TWSS with a quotation from a notable woman. If they are so keen on what she said, why don’t we get educated about what she really had to say. And so the “whatshereallysaid” bot was born. It might annoy the guys into shutting off the TWSS bot, or we might all learn about notable women. It’s a win either way, in my books!

As a side note, I've always found "That what she said" to be annoying humor, not just because it can be sexist but because it's also just the dumbest, sloppiest humor you can think of. It's used by Michael Scott in "The Office" ironically, as an example of what a socially inept man-child might think of as funny. When and how it got stripped of that irony I'll never know.

But is it too much to ask people to be less stupid than Michael Scott?

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