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So, I've left Profitably, as of last week. Early-stage startups involve as many subjective decisions as objective decisions, and if the gut instincts among the team are strongly out of sync, sometimes you won't be able to find a workable consensus no matter how long you try to talk it out. That's the situation we were finding ourselves in, and ultimately we decided that the best option was for me to move on.

It's been an amicable process, and everybody involved, from the other team members to our investors, has been extremely fair, understanding, and supportive. Not that they even have to be that supportive, really: I'm excited about the future, both for Profitably and for myself. The Profitably team is off to a solid start on offering strategic financial insights to small businesses, and I wish them all continued success in the future.

As for me? Now's as good a time as any to take a breather, so I'll be doing some of that. I may even find time to sit on a beach somewhere, so if you see me at some meetup with a wicked sunburn, that'll be why. But it won't be long before some other role piques my interest. I continue to love the challenges of managing top-notch programmers, of working closely on an evolving product vision, and of playing a bridging role between the techies and everyone else.

And, you know, this field never stops being interesting. There's a lot of talk about whether or not the tech scene is in a bubble: I'm happy to leave that question to the VCs. That cycle plays out over months or years, but in the truly macro sense, every time I see the problems that people are trying to solve, and the problems that people aren't even close to yet, I think to myself that we're just getting started. Line by line, we build the future. We're lucky to be paid for the privilege.

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