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You may have heard that a few weeks ago, we officially hired Eric Richmond as Profitably’s 2nd full-time software engineer. He’s been kicking ass over here, but if you’d be wrong to think that that’s all the ass-kicking we need. Profitably is still hiring.

We are looking for both a front-end engineer and another Ruby engineer. Obviously a talented engineer has lots of options, so our pitch boils down to something like this: Profitably handles complex analytical problems in an environment that is agile and results-oriented. We turn small businesses’ messy data sets into actionable financial analysis, which we believe is a big challenge and an even bigger opportunity. We also believe it’s hard enough that most people won’t be able to do it right.

So if you feel like your perfectionism is being wasted on YASA (Yet Another Social App) then maybe you should check out our job listings, and get in touch.

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