Round 2

Once again, Venture Beat:

Profitably, a provider of online business analytics software, has raised a funding round worth $1.1 million led by White Owl Capital….

“We launched a very early product, and there are just a ton of features that people want to see,” said Adam Neary, the company’s chief executive. “We just can’t write these things fast enough, so we needed to raise funds to keep this party going.”

Profitably still isn’t targeting the mom and pop stores — it’s geared toward small- and mid-sized businesses that actually need more in-depth analytics. The company is going after the problems a chief financial officer at a 40-person firm has, not the kind of problems a local delicatessen or retail store has, Neary said.

Obviously, I’m psyched. It’s great to have the runway, and to be able to tune up the code as we continue to refine our understanding of the strange software hybrid we’re building. It will also be great to build up the engineering team a bit.

And, of course, if you’re interested, we’re hiring in New York.

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