I’m quoted using “like” a lot in this New York Observer article about AOL:

The machine learning guys, some of New York’s most ambitious technologists, have been coming to AOL since last spring, when the company agreed to donate space in its massive office complex for the group’s monthly meet-ups. That act of goodwill was part of an aggressive ongoing effort to improve AOL’s reputation in the New York tech community, a campaign being mounted by Mike Brown, the co-founder of the company’s year-old venture arm, AOL Ventures. Mr. Brown’s hope is to change the way AOL is seen by entrepreneurs and engineers—to erase its reputation as a moribund dial-up dinosaur and thereby neutralize the biggest obstacle he and his partners, Jon Brod and Brad Garlinghouse, face as they look for start-ups in which to invest the changing company’s money.

I co-host two different groups at the AOL space, and all I can say is that they’re a godsend for the local tech scene. Whatever happens to AOL in the long-term, there are a lot of people there who clearly understand the importance of being a tech-focused organization.

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