Tech Founders NYC: Thursday October 21

Tech Founders NYC took a long vacation, but we’re back starting next week, and if you’re a programmer who’s looking for an early-stage gig, or if you’re just interested in the idea and are wondering what these opportunities look like, you should come.

For those that don’t know, we try to match early-stage entrepreneurs with technical people. We do that in two ways:

  1. We screen our entrepreneurs rigorously and only pick the best
  2. During event registration we only let programmers in, requiring references from LinkedIn, Github, etc, for people to prove that they’re actually programmers.

The result is 3-5 great entrepreneurs pitching to a room full of programmers. It’s a great way for programmers to learn about the range of early-stage opportunities, and if you’re actively looking to be a co-founder, this is a way to find out about some of the best opportunities open right now.

Registration is free for programmers: Click here to register.


We’re excited to present four entrepreneurs this month:

Claire Chambers, Journelle

With three physical stores and four more planned for 2011, Journelle is well-positioned as the top newcomer in the multi-billion dollar retail lingerie space. The company is looking for a tech leader to help re-fashion Journelle.com into a sales channel that’s as innovative, customer-driven and content-rich as the brick-and-mortar stores.

Jay Orfield, RightFrame

RightFrame is making custom, green home design easy for builders / homebuyers via a web-based customizer that allows them to visualize the home before construction.

Campbell McKellar, Loosecubes

Loosecubes, an online marketplace for shared workspace, is seeking a technical partner to make our product vision a reality and change the way people work.

Matthew Kochman, M.E.S.S. Express

M.E.S.S. Express leverages local taxi infrastructure, prepaid taxi accounts, and an SMS payment platform to change the way college students think about safe transportation.

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