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As one of the organizers of NYC.rb, I hear from a lot of people who are looking to start a tech company, and are looking for a Ruby programmer. Quite frankly, a lot of them don’t seem very good. But once in a while I do talk to somebody who I wish I could connect with a Ruby programmer—but in those cases, I usually come up blank.

This placement shit is hard, of course: You have to find somebody who’s qualified but not overqualified, and in this case you have to find somebody who’s willing to take a big chunk of compensation in equity, and is at the point in her/his career where this much work sounds like a good idea. Also, recruiters probably can’t help an early-stage company, because you might not have the cash to pay a recruiter.

So, starting on Tuesday June 15th, Jake Howerton and I are going to try to see if we can make these connections, with Tech Founders NYC.

The idea goes like this:

  • We prescreen entrepreneurs, and pick 3-5 who are interesting enough that we think our techie friends will want to hear the idea. They have to be looking to fill the lead techie position, not just adding one more Rails dev to an existing team.
  • They each pitch for five minutes, followed by a five-minute Q&A.
  • During Q&A, only programmers can ask questions.
  • At the end of the evening, the programmers vote on who gave the best presentation.

Will this work? Who’s to say, but in general we’re hoping that by being really picky about our entrepreneurs, and by not annoying our techie friends who come to the meetings, we might be able to spark some interesting conversations and maybe more.

If you are a programmer, we’d love for you to come by: Please sign up here. If you are an entrepreneur and would like to pitch to us in the near future, please sign up here.

(Oh, and though I’m clearly biased towards Ruby, this is not a Ruby-centric group. Programmers of all kinds are welcome. Even if you like static typing.)

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