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The C Programming Language, by Brian W Kernighan & Dennis M Ritchie & HP Lovecraft

“Cap’n Marsh, see, he’d been dealing with queer folks in the South Sea islands, and they taught him some peculiar ways. Out there on Devil Reef, he built a funct’n that called itself to print any leading digits, then printed out the trailing digit at the end.

“Matt Elliot, Obed’s fust mate, he allus was agin’ it, but he saw it with his own eyes how that funct’n used to call itself up like a serpent eatin’ its own tail–

      void Cthulhu
      (int Ia) {
      if (Ia/10)
      Cthulhu (IA/10);
      putchar // ftagn!
        (Ia % 10 + '0');
      } // neblod zin!

“Twistin’ and writhing like nothing of this Earth, it’d spit out those strings without no heap allocation in sight.”

Google Chrome Issue 31482: Huge amount of goats teleported

Comment 25 by luke.schlather, Jan 12 (2 days ago)

How is it that Chrome still has these enormous show-stopper bugs on Linux? I’m not going to introduce this kind of system instability just to get a mild performance improvement over Firefox. Firefox has never teleported an unreasonable amount of goats. It always keeps it within the acceptable range of my teleporter.

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