Martin Margiela

Via New York’s sales & bargains page, I came across Martin Margiela, a label I’m not familiar with but which has a remarkable web site for a fashion label:

They’ve decided to style it after the default Apache directory navigation, complete with the words “Apache/1.1.34 Server at www.maisonmartinmargiela.com Port 80” at the bottom. If you spend any time on fashion sites you’ll recognize this is pretty gutsy, since 99.99% of the fashion websites are these heavy Flash affairs that scroll you through pictures at a pace you can’t control while playing some generic loungy music. As an added benefit the MM site actually has deep links, which I guess might come in handy if I were so into fashion I were bookmarking specific pages.

Of course, I have to imagine the intersection of men who are really into fashion and care about bookmarkability is probably pretty small, and whether or not this unusual fashion site is helping them or hurting them overall, I couldn’t say. In many ways the values of fashion and the values of web are opposed, and not just because the web is built by people with baggy hoodies and messenger bags.

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