Not to be influenced by the name

Other programmers sometimes ask me why I like dynamic typing, and, sure, I can talk about various specific reasons. It makes refactoring easier, it makes testing easier, and it’s not as if static typing ever caught my difficult bugs anyway.

But, really, this is why I like dynamic typing:

Suppose mind consciousness is observing an elephant walking. During the time of observation, the object of mind consciousness may not be the elephant in and of itself. It may only be a mental construction of the elephant based on previous images of elephants that have been imprinted in store consciousness. Mind consciousness has then lost contact with the particular; now it is in touch with the universal….

Inquiry means not using the function of mental creation, but allowing yourself to get in touch and to try to see how things truly are…. We practice not to be influenced by the name, because when we are caught in the name we can’t see reality.

—Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddha Mind, Buddha Body: Walking Toward Enlightenment

(Incidentally, this Google Books thing is pretty cool; I’d never really looked at it before. But something tells me it’s easier to secure digital rights when the author’s a Buddhist monk.)

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