Taxonomy run amok

Jesus H. Christ.

... a ban on certain breeds—such as Britain introduced—might not work. Fanciers of muscular hounds with big jaws could circumnavigate the law by crossing, say, a mastiff with a pit bull, to create a perfectly legal canine nasty (as, indeed, has happened in Britain).

To meet the difficulty, Flemming Moller, a veterinarian who took over the parliamentary seat vacated when the former prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, went off to run NATO, proposed a logical, if drastic, solution: kill all mongrels. Mr Moller claims this is the only way to eliminate aggressive traits from the doggy gene pool. Only dogs registered in the national stud book have a record of their parentage and genetic traits. Other puppies, he says, could be the products of anything from joyful encounters in leafy suburbs to deliberate breeding by thugs.

So this parliamentarian is suggesting killing all mongrels not because they’re likely to be violent, but because they are harder to categorize? And completely ignoring the fact that pure-breeding can often have its own horrible consequences. Luckily, nobody else in Denmark seems to be taking him seriously.

But I can’t help but wonder: What sort of veterinarian recommends a policy like this? If you’re down with systematically killing tens of thousands of dogs, how’d you become a veterinarian in the first place?

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