admin_assistant 1.0.0

One of the things we’ve been doing at Diversion is migrating the Sling admin codebase from using ActiveScaffold to using admin_assistant. That work had necessitated a number of small API changes, which can be a bit tricky given that admin controllers, or really anything built heavily on somebody else’s library, tend to be under-tested a bit.

The Sling transition is finished now, and admin_assistant runs more than 20 admin controllers for us there. So I’m happy to release admin_assistant 1.0.0, which is available as a gem. 1.0 gives you a fixed API, and further 1.0.x releases will only fix issues with bugs, stability, and speed. So it’ll be a more stable place to develop. If you want to live life dangerously, you can keep pulling from master on github.

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