Sequels for pwning n00bs in the 2009 holiday season

If November comes around and you don’t hear from me or see me for a while, you can blame these two:

I don’t know what it says about me that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is my main shooter: It’s a paranoid, twitchy chaotic experience but I love it. The lefty in me gets sort of freaked out about all the teenage suburban boys who play this, but I can’t deny it’s a phenomenally well-done game.

Some gamers are hating on Valve for coming out with a L4D sequel soon, but if the deets in this preview are correct, they’ve added a ton of awesome stuff. Dynamic weather effects, campaign scenes in full daylight, pathways that change depending on the whim of the AI Director, panic events that force you to move forward to finish instead of hiding out, and, oh yeah, more realistic and gory damage modeling. Also, is it just me or are half the characters black? That’s a nice touch too.

And yes, I am only 15 years old. What’s your point?

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