The GOP: Nothing positive

This can’t possibly keep up, can it?

These are from a recent Gallup poll which show that, yes, you are reading it right, since George W. Bush took office the GOP has not gained ground with any demographic. Not with people over 65 or with people who describe themselves as conservative. Even people who go to church weekly only held steady at 0. Maybe the margin of error gets a few of those groups into positive territory but this a really terrible record.

Not surprising, really: My dad was a lifelong Republican but became a frothing-at-the-mouth Democrat when the Bush administration was done with him, and I’m sure he’s not the only one. A bit disappointing, I will say, though, because it’s probably better for the country to have healthy opposition. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping the current, horrifying GOP gets any more traction in this country. I’m just saying that I hope that the GOP has whatever internal civil war it needs to have for the non-insane conservatives to take over soon, and with a minimum of fuss. Or that the GOP just explodes in flames so some other party can take its place in the American duopoly. Then we can talk about the Republicans the way we can talk about Whigs or Know-Nothings, and maybe national politics can be a little less of a circus.

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