Congratulations, Vermont

From AP: Gay marriage advocate Beth Robinson, center, holds back tears following the passage of a gay marriage bill in Montpelier, Vermont, on Tuesday.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the first state in the union to vote in gay marriage should be Vermont, but it’s welcome news nonetheless. I’ve written in the past about how I want this to happen, but ideally it will happen through the legislature and not the courts … I understand the pressing need when expressed in terms of individual same-sex couples, but I think when we try to do this by appealing to judges instead of public opinion we end up taking shortcuts that cause problems in the end. And the lowercase-a anarchist in me can’t help but think that it’s just good medicine for everybody to be forced to try to talk to other people to make public policy, instead of just recruiting the best lawyers we can get.

Anyway, congratulations Vermont, and I can only hope that New York state doesn’t follow too far behind. I’m going to go buy 10 pints of Ben & Jerry’s now.

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