Speaking at RubyConf

I’ll be speaking at RubyConf again this year, for the third time. The title of my talk is “Conversations vs. Laws: What do we mean when we say Ruby is dynamic?”, and it’s basically going to be a potpourri of random ideas that may or may not be related to software engineering, such as Islamic art, restorative justice, anarchism, queer theory, and Platonism.

Ruby-interested readers will probably have noticed that my contribution to open source in the form of code has dropped like a stone in the past few years, so when I was thinking about doing a talk this year, a more abstract subject seemed like my best bet. Of course, now that my talk has been accepted I have to actually research the thing, and now I’m thinking it might’ve been easier just to write a few thousand lines of code …

RubyConf is from November 2-4, and it looks like tickets are still on sale. Tickets sold out last year within hours, so if you’re interested in going this year, you should buy immediately.

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