Annals of fashion, January 2007

Eyelid surgery stigma fades among Asian-Americans

Even if the patient is ambivalent, [Dr. Edmund] Kwan said the mother is often convinced of the surgery’s benefits. “It’s ingrained in their mind that an eyelid fold will look better, will help their daughter get a better husband,” Kwan said.

Skinny girls to blame for late trains?

“You have women trying to get their bodies tight for the summer and they won’t eat,” said Asim Nelson, a Transit emergency medical technician based in Grand Central Station. “Not eating for three or four days, you are going to go down. If you don’t eat for 12 hours you are going to get weak.”

Japan, Home of the Cute and Inbred Dog

The breeder told Mr. Sasaki that he had bred a dog with three generations of offspring—in human terms, first with its daughter, then a granddaughter and then a great-granddaughter—until Keika was born. The other four puppies in the litter were so hideously deformed that they were killed right after birth.
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