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Back in January, I sent out a call for nine fiction writers: Today, the nine selected writers and I are launching the resulting online artwork on Turbulence.org.

Turbulence Commission: Ten-sided by Francis Hwang, with Johannes Görannson, Jess Kilby, Tao Lin, Brendon Lloyd, Jessica Penrose, Glenis Stott, John Woods, Taren McCallan-Moore, and why the lucky stiff

Ten-sided is a textual performance in which ten authors collaboratively improvise on a single online narrative. For three months, each author will blog as a fictional character. All ten characters must somehow be connected, and all ten authors are responsible for ensuring that this connection is explored through the course of the story. However, authors are forbidden from coordinating the story beforehand. Instead, they can only take their cues from one another’s public entries. The resulting improvisation resembles a jazz performance or a session of exquisite corpse, but in a new form of creative practice that comments on and employs the multi-vocal nature of blogging communities.

One aspect I’m interested in here is having a piece that is inherently, not arbitrarly, time-based. That is, this is online art that you subscribe to over time, not just view through a browser once. I hope that you’ll all follow along—I have no idea where the story will go over the next few months, but I suspect the results will be quite remarkable.

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That sort of worked.
said on 05 May 2006 at 15:05 UTC
Peter: Hey, Peter. Ten-Sided is a team of ten writers, each with a fictional blog. Francis talks about it here.
Fictohedron is something I wrote. It grabs feeds for these blogs and feeds it into the filter. I know this is a lot to drop on you!
Manfred: LSI is fantastic. I wish there …

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… probably 2 minutes for it to fully load)
Also, my brother Francis just got commissioned for an online art piece - check it the article at his blog:
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