Face time for RubyConf 2005

Maybe I’m just vain and want everyone to see my face, but I thought it might be useful to have a publically viewable page of photos of people who are going to be at RubyConf this year. That way, if you’ve got somebody you’re looking to talk to about your plans to take over the Ruby world, you can look them up before or during the conference.

So, if you’re going to RC 2005 and want to participate, head over to the wiki page and add yourself.

I am also looking forward to the MouseHole script that will add mustaches to everybody’s photo.

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05 Oct 05
RubyConf Face Book
Francis Hwang, one of this year’s speakers, had the excellent idea to put up a Wiki page on which RubyConf attendees can add their names, photos, and a short description of themselves.
With the conference tripling in size this year, it’s actually possible that you won’t just happen to run …