Bonafide art exhibit news

This September, Negativland is having a show at gigantic artspace in Tribeca, and they’ve been nice enough to invite me along. I’ll be installing a reprise of the Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition—labeled “2G”, for the iPod cultists who know what that means—to serve as a listening station for Negativland’s music.

In preparing for the show, I’ve been spending some time in the SoHo Apple Store, trying to think of how to echo their retail design for a real-space presentation of what was originally a mostly virtual project. (Without paying for a glass staircase or anything like that, of course.) It might be perverse to admit how much I respect Apple’s design and marketing, but of course if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have done the iPod the first time ‘round.

The show runs from September 9 to October 22; read the full release here.

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