Rhizome opens

If you’re one of those people who don’t exclusively read my blog for Ruby-related stuff, you might know that my day job is for new media arts organization Rhizome.org. You might even know that since January 2003, Rhizome policy had been that you had to donate $5 once a year to get access to the site. As of yesterday, that policy is no longer.

In its place is a policy that moves the wall: While we still can’t support a 100% open site, our new policy is a lot more amenable to today’s browsing habits. Access to the past year of content—our text discussions, and our ArtBase, which indexes more than 1500 works of new media art—is free to all. Posting texts and submitting your own work into the ArtBase is also free, though you have to give us your email address for that. And if you want to see anything that’s more than a year old, we ask you to be a Member, which requires an annual contribution of $25 or more.

Anyway, if you’re curious as to what Rhizome actually is—and, heck, some of my friends still don’t know—now’s a great time to come in and check it out. And maybe you’ll want to follow a discussion that Rhizomers have been having about the new policy. Hey, this marks the first time I’ve deep-linked into Rhizome from my own blog. That’s a nice feeling. I’ll have to do that more often.

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