RhizMail 0.1.0

I’ve just released RhizMail 0.1.0. RhizMail is a test-friendly library for sending out customized emails. This is the library we use day-to-day at rhizome.org, where we send out more than 100 customized emails a day.

To use RhizMail, create an email and deliver it.

def send_site_message( to_address, to_name, body )
    msg = RhizMail::Message.new(
        'New features at website.com', to_address, 'webmaster@mysite.com',
    msg.to_name = to_name

If you want to test this message, you can set the MockMailer to take place of the default Mailer:

def test_send_site_message
    mock_mailer = RhizMail::MockMailer.new
    RhizMail::set_mailer mock_mailer
    send_site_message( 'bill@yahoo.com', 'Bill Smith', 'Hi, Bill!' )
    assert_equal( 1, mock_mailer.messages_sent )
    assert_equal( 'Bill Smith', mock_mailer.messages_sent.first.to_name )

Basically, this means that you can send out as many emails as you want in any part of your code, without having to worry that running a test case will actually send out real emails. (Is there somebody who really has the email address with ‘bill@yahoo.com’? If so, it’d be nice not to annoy him.)

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