Seven days left

With just seven days left, bidding for the Unauthorized iPod U2 vs. Negativland Special Edition is now up to $516. If you’re thinking about bidding, keep in mind that at this point, every extra dollar spent goes straight into Downhill Battle’s pockets!

This isn’t so closely related to the political issues behind the iPod, but it’s been interesting trying to run my own auction without relying on an intermediary like eBay. Beyond the general inconvenience of having to process bids and bid alerts by hand, I’ve also been trying to find a balance between making it easy for people to bid and being able to reassure bidders that all of the listed bids are serious. It brings up lots of questions about online identity and trust: I’ll have more to say about this when the auction is done.

If you want to follow conversations about this in the blogosphere, you could use the PubSub feed I created for the occasion. There have also been stories in Wired News and even Libération, which I’ve heard is one of the major newspapers in France. If I could read French, that would be even cooler.

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