Post-terrorism satire; Adieu, ArtByte

In the spirit of Mark Twain, H.L. Mencken, and other lonely spiteful cranks, I give you a special war-time Bitter News Network: "White House to sell 'Uncle Powell's Down-Home Flapjacks'", "Display of U.S. patriotism opens eyes of Afghani terrorist," and more.

ArtByte Magazine has closed its doors for good. It will be dearly missed: Although the magazine struggled at times to find its editorial voice, it also published a lot of brilliant, provocative stuff. (How I got in there is anybody's guess.) In addition, ArtByte employed a bunch of sweet, smart people, all of whom will no doubt go on to find publishing stardom somewhere else.

At any rate, the never-published November-December 2001 issue was going to run two stories of mine, both of which can now be downloaded as PDFs. The first is Game On, a review of two books about the early history of videogames. The second is Forbidden Fruit, a rant about artists and creatives covering the Apple logos on their Powerbooks. Ah, the Apple brand -- we love it, we hate it.

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