d00d l3ts h4x0r m3tr0p0l1t1c; snide news parody; fragmentating the DNS

The guys at Slashhosting, the hosting provider for metropolitic, inform me that metropolitic was under a denial-of-service attack one day in December. Not I should give too much credence to the actions of script kiddies, but maybe that means I'm doing something right.

My good friend Matt Kessen is now the editor of a new webzine called Our Precious Essence. Considering that he's the least tech-obsessed of all my friends, I'm not sure how it happened, but I'm all for it, as having friends in zines gives me a nice outlet for fringey (or half-baked) piece. Case in point: Bitter News Network, a very snide news parody that starts with a mean Israel joke and just gets worse.

But then I managed to get published for (a little) money, in Feed, again. This time, it's a Daily about the tenuous legitimacy of ICANN and the possible fragmentation of the domain name system.

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